Flexible, cloud-based control of your signs


SmartSign2go is unique in the digital signage market partly because of the simplicity of the design software that you will use to update your sign. Most signage platforms require a technical design department to accomplish what you can do with SmartSign2go! Furthermore, you do NOT need to be on-site to make your design changes. Keep in mind too that every sign we ship comes with a custom design that we create for you, so you will have great content to start with!

"If you can navigate a website, you can use our online design system. "



There are only three segments in our design process:

Smart sign design on your Mac or Windows computer


Pages are what are shown on your TV display. You can have one page or multiple pages. A person who owns a restaurant may have one page to display a menu. A dental office may have multiple pages to highlight new services, introduce new staff members and to provide a specific ambiance in reception with videos, news, weather, etc.


Playlists contain one or more pages. They provide a way to setup a sequence of pages and to control how long each page is displayed before the next.


A channel is what is connected to your TV. Channels contain one or more playlists. You can have more than one channel, but each TV display will remain on the channel that it is assigned to. Additional channels are useful when you want to have multiple TVs, each playing a different channel or some playing the same channel and others playing different channels. If you are on our Advantage plan, then you can also schedule playback of playlists based on time of day or day of the week.




Clicking on a page in the dashboard brings you to the page editor. Here you can edit an existing design or build your own from scratch. All the elements of our App collection are available here to give you an amazing variety of design tools. As you build your page, what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG).

  • Designing digital sign pages in the cloudEASY DRAG AND DROP EDITING!
  • Add backgrounds, text (more than 30 great fonts), lines, images and videos
  • Alter transparency
  • Stack items on top of each other using the layer adjustment
  • Choose from our catalog of signage apps such as the Twitter or Weather feeds
  • And MUCH more!


see it in action (video): 

Here is a video where we describe how you can design pages with the online editor. 




 Creating a TV signage playlist in the cloud

From the dashboard you can drag pages into a playlist. Next you can click on the playlist and change the duration that each page is displayed. You can also choose a transition effect between pages (fade, slide, 3D cube, random or none).

see it in action (video): 

In this video we show how to work with playlists and how to add them to a channel.




Scheduling playback of your smart TV sign


With the Advantage plan, the scheduling feature allows your smart sign to play different playlists of pages based on the time of day or the day of the week.

As you can see in the example above, we have a typical cafe with different menus to be displayed during the day from Monday thru Friday. A breakfast menu plays from 6-11am, then happy hour from 11am-12pm followed by the lunch menu from 12-2pm.

Another benefit to scheduling is that you can create content for your sign in advance of when it is needed and schedule it to play at a future date. This way, you can design your signage for the entire month or quarter when you have the time and let the scheduler handle the rest. 

Absent this feature, your playlist will play the same loop or single page all day every day.

see it in action (video): 

In this video we show how to schedule multiple playlists to play on a channel.


 On the go? No problem!

Mobile signage management with SmartSign2go

Since the sign management software is entirely online you can make many basic changes right from your smart phone or tablet. Even an iPhone works great for simple changes such as modifying a price or adding or removing a page.


Oh, and remember... you don't even have to be in the same country as your sign to make changes! This is the freedom of modern signage from SmartSign2go.

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