Smart Signage for Food Services

Increase your sales and social media exposure

Who are your most important clients right now? The ones who are in your store! Restaurants and cafes of all kinds are using our platform to improve the dining experience for their customers. Digital signage is an engaging tool for your restaurant. 

Food Services Flyer

Digital signs for food services are very useful
  • Drive awareness and sales for your chosen products, services and events.

  • Increase your social media exposure by engaging your clients through live feeds.

  • Suggest up-sells for your customers.

  • Make the dining experience more memorable and fun through this modern signage method using social media walls and videos.

  • Incorporate paid vendor or other third-party advertising into your smart sign with our Enterprise plan, which includes proof-of-play reporting for your ads.




Easily create displays about your sales, events or general information. Start from one of our pre-built pages or start from scratch with your own inspirations. Check out our full sample gallery here.

Natural Food Store Signage



The Sign APP Collection 

 Digital sign apps for restaurants

Apps are the easiest way to create signage. Not only is the sign easier to build with a drag and drop app, but using apps such as the Facebook wall,Twitter feed or RSS allows your sign to automatically display fresh content without having to take an extra step beyond updating the platforms you already work with (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc).

Other Dynamic apps keep content fresh without your help, such as the local weather app, traffic app or news feeds. This is truly modern signage. LEARN MORE

The SmartSign2go Difference:

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 It's Easy

The Sign Player is compatible with any TV with a standard HDMI port like your typical DVD player uses. Simply plug it in, power it on and login to the SmartSign2go Designer website from anywhere with your desktop or tablet. Manage one location or a chain of locations with ease. 

Want to know more about how to manage your sign? See how it works!

We are here for YOU! Whether you need assistance getting started or in creating a special design, our knowledgeable Washington state-based team is available by phone, text or e-mail.

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